December 22, 2012

31 Days of Mind-Numbing Entertainment - I Need Your Advice!

We're changing internet/phone providers on Wednesday. We're getting cable! And as part of the deal, we're going to have one month of free TV (60+ channels).

I need your advice.

We have not had any TV service in the 4.5 years I've been here. I do my limited TV viewing courtesy of the internet and HuluPlus. That means that I see everything AFTER it is broadcast (sometimes there's up to a week delay in posting to the internet).

Here are some shows I know I'll watch:

Morning Joe - MSNBC. I'm a news junkie, I bet this is the channel I watch most.
Downton Abbey - PBS. Season 3 starts Jan. 6, so I'll get to watch a few episodes.
Parenthood - NBC.
Bones - Fox.
The View - ABC. There's nothing like a group of women talking over each other to make me feel better about my quiet living room.

The Boy and I will watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report - we usually watch episodes on HuluPlus the day after airing.

What shows should I rot my brain with in the 31 Days of Mind-Numbing Entertainment?

We won't have any pay channels, so Homeland is out (I've read that it's good).

I'm not interested in watching The Bachelor/Bachelorette show - there's something wrong about choosing your mate by fooling around with a couple of dozen cuties.

I might even give Honey Boo Boo a look-see...and I'm grateful that Jersey Shore is cancelled (it IS over, isn't it?); I've never had any desire to watch Snooki and her like getting stupid drunk.

I promise to post about every program that is suggested. I'll even write a review to prove that I watched. 

While I'm watching, I'll be comparing TV viewing to the advantages of watching shows online (and there ARE advantages).

Come on, help me become the ultimate couch potato! I've got a few brain cells ready to die in this endeavor.

What's your TV guilty pleasure?


  1. Okay, if it's still on Monday nights at 8 or 8:30, watch Mike and Molly on Channel 4. Two Broke Girls isn't bad either, the show before M&M. Otherwise, you can have TV, except for CNN and MSNBC. Oops, forgot Jeopardy, Channel 5 at 4:30. That's the extent of my must sees.

  2. I love Modern Family. Very very funny. And I always look forward to The Big Bang Theory. Those are my picks!

  3. My absolute favorite show is Person of Interest, as I told you at SW's October workshop. BUT, you'd have to watch ALL of last season (which was the debut season)first, though, or you won't understand a LOT of it!
    Other than that, I like to watch old movies on TCM, or reruns of The Andy Griffith Show! :)


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