January 27, 2013

Remember to Put Spoons in Your Emergency Weather Kit!

I am a news and weather junkie. I drive The Mister nuts with details about upcoming storms, high winds, and the dreaded tornado warnings.

After last Spring's hailstorm (you can read about it here), my desire to be prepared for weather emergencies has been heightened to frightening levels.

I often peek through the blinds and scan the skies for dangerous weather patterns. Imagine my surprise when I looked outside and saw this:

A shower of delicious, quiescently frozen treats fell from the sky. I grabbed a laundry basket and my camera and ran outside. I zigged and zagged, sliding on ice cream sandwiches and getting pelted by double-dipped cones. When a Bomb Pop whizzed past my head, I hoped it wasn't armed with an explosive device (it wasn't).

Giddy with excitement, I ran back and forth, holding out the basket to catch as many wonderful treats as I could.

Aside #1: As strange as this sounds, I automatically assumed that the treats' wrappers must have burned up in the atmosphere...cuz my brain works all science-y like that.

"Hey Mister, check how much room is in the chest freezer...I don't want to be a pig about this! Balancing the basket on my knee, I tossed the camera and screamed, "Quick! Get a picture of the Good Humor Man's bounty!"

Aside #2: Is God the Good Humor Man? Is that why all the pictures in Heaven show a figure in white?

An errant banana split was careening wildly, and I just missed getting beaned in the head with the blue glass bowl. I thought I might be seriously injured by the cherries that hit me like so many paintballs. Fearing for my safety (and worried about frostbite), and satisfied with the haul I just made, I took my spoils and got them in the freezer before they, well, spoiled. I enjoyed a vanilla cupcake and was tempted to eat a Dilly Bar. I was in heaven.

I felt something cold on my cheek. Was it ice cream dripping from my hair? Nope. Like most nights, my cheek was lying in a pool of my own drool.

It was all just a dream...a yummily frustrating dream.

That's the last time I'll ever eat ice cream before bed (maybe), and definitely the last time I'll ever amuse myself by covering a calendar page with stickers that I bought to send to Jordyn.


  1. bwhahaha too funny and I was hoping you would share dagnabbit..

  2. I was thinking perhaps this was some kind of writing prompt … if only this could be TRUE!

  3. Just a dream . . . but a good one, though! Last year I dreamed that I looked outdoors and the sky was raining bubbles. I wonder what it means to dream of such goofy rain?


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