January 05, 2013

Saturday Centus - 01/05/13 The Grandkids' Christmas List for Grandma

Jenny Matlock selected a photo prompt today. The rules remain the same: using a maximum of 100 words, use the prompt as your inspiration. The only caveat is that it had to be in first person. 

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I saved all my shopping ‘til Christmas Eve,

The store shelves were mostly bare.
Sally wanted a blue Furby,
I located one with purple hair.
David asked for Lego blocks –
To build a tower high,
I had to get him an aeroplane
That soars across the sky.
Little Jon’s gift was rare, indeed
Costing far more than I am worth.
“Grandma”, he said, with a wistful smile,
“Just give me Peace on Earth.”


  1. wow! The weight of that last line. Love this poem.

  2. Loved that poem!Perfecly suited. Liz

  3. that is beautiful! Great interpretation

  4. if only it was so easy to purchase

  5. I'm actually thinking that your true calling is to be a poetess!

  6. A lovely poem wrapped in a truly beautiful message...excellent !!! :)

  7. Oh Kim.

    This just made me cry.

    What beautiful, beautiful writing.


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