February 01, 2013

A Day Late...Or Is It? Doubly Inspired

On Thursdays, I often participate in Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. And I had intentions (at least while I mused in the shower) of writing about this:

Write a blog post that is inspired by the word "red".

Oh, the thoughts that raced through my mind while I bathed. I was so focused on the topic that I neglected to see that the usually slow-moving drain was not moving at all.

I was trapped in the shower stall. The water level was above the bottom seal on the door. If I opened the door, water would go rushing out onto the bathroom floor. Horrors!

Being a scientist at heart, I had to test that theory. I inched the door open. Yep, water flooded the floor. I proved my hypothesis - send me my Nobel Prize. Lucky for me, The Mister was in the bedroom and I yelled for him to rescue me from my watery grave get me the plunger so I wouldn't be stuck shivering in the shower until the water level receded.

Writer's Workshop post forgotten, I dried and dressed and threw my damp towel on the standing water on the floor. I got out the Liquid Plumr-type declogger and listened to it glug, glug glug over the drain.

Towel forgotten, I went on with my day.

Later, I read an email that contained poetry prompts. One nagged at me:

Write a poem about the color red or another color. (Some ideas for brainstorming: How does the color make you feel? What things do you associate with that color?)

Embarrassment, sunburn, inflammation
Love, valentines, roses
Warmth, a carpet welcoming dignitaries and celebrities
Fireworks and sparklers on July 4, Betsy Ross and the star-studded field of red
Wooden barns, firetrucks
Pulsing heart, whooshing blood
Fire. Hot! Flames in the pits of Hell
Power, influence
"Better dead than RED"
A red-letter day is not to be missed
unless that letter is an 'A' upon your chest, you sinner.
My boy, my ginger-headed son
A temper to match the color of his hair
"You sure do have your hands full" - said by many who don't share my love of red.


  1. Ok first off with the clogged drain did you know that stuff is actually harder on the pipes often turning into basically cement if it gets stuck further down.Try using baking soda and vinegar once a week on it. Trust me it works wonders.
    Love the poem, as a mom to a bipolar with a dozen other issues as well I totally get it. Only I am the red head thanks to Feria hair color.

  2. Great poem -- terrific word choices to make it flow. AND I'm sorry you got yourself stuck in the shower, but . . . well, it is kinda funny. :)

  3. Don't you love a double prompt post? Congratulations on the job.


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