February 28, 2013

Just One Moment in My "Calgon, Take Me Away" Saga

Daily Domestic Unrest

"No! Do it yourself!"
Let the games begin!
I assume the position:
arms folded against my chest,
head tilted at a jaunty angle
mouth a slash, no words escape my lips.
(expletive deleted)
Left eyebrow raised in a look of disbelief,
eye squnted closed as if I'm winking
my right eye, staring daggers.
I sit and wait for the verbal assault to end 
"Stop looking at me like that!"
4:06 pm - The dishwasher gets unloaded,
wasting sixty precious seconds of his free time.
I remain the Queen Mother of Mean, the Tyrant of Reasonable Requests.

This interlude was courtesy of Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop (Incorporate the phrase "stop looking at me like that" into your post).


  1. This could be my house on any night that it's my pre-teen boy's turn to clean the kitchen after dinner!

  2. Outstanding description of the Mean Mommy who lives inside of all of us.

  3. So many moms can relate to this! Great writing, Kim! (and of course, you never write anything that's NOT great!)

  4. Don't feel lonely. Been there still doing that with 2 more.. sighs..

  5. Have you been snooping around my daughter's house?

  6. Love this post! The Queen Mother of Mean! Awesome!

  7. Kim--I love the "Queen Mother of Mean." How did your audition go?


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