February 07, 2013

Top Ten Reasons You Should Be Glad I Wasn't a Blogger in My 20s

  1. You'd have had to suffer through fashion catastrophes from bell bottoms, leisure suits, poodle perms, shoulder pads so wide you could land a 787 on them, all the way to the big hair/90210 styles of the 90s...and beyond.
  2. Divorce drama.
  3. Thank your lucky stars you missed the decade where I "found" myself. It was ugly.
  4. You would have felt sorry for my daughters as I blogged about their awkward phases.
  5. My movie reviews about the Porky's franchise, Smokey and the Bandit and Flashdance - all these might have caused you to never want to enter a theater again.
  6. Tupperware parties.
  7. Be glad you missed the zillions of photos that showed room remodeling in excruciating detail, including cheap paneling and a wallpapering fiasco that resulted in my friend's trip to the ER.
  8. My TI-99/4A computer would have made it necessary to send each of you an audio cassette tape of my posts, since it had no disc space or memory to speak of.
  9. You'd be dizzy keeping up with all the moves I've made since then (14 residences in 10 different states).
  10. Worst of all? Imagine how big our butts would be if the internet had been available 30 years ago!
I wrote this post in response to Mama Kat's prompt: 10 reasons you should be glad I didn't blog in my 20's. (Inspired by Wendy Aarons and friends)


  1. Love the list and your blog makes my day!

  2. I frequently thank my (and my kids') lucky stars that I wasn't blogging when they were little -- which sort of doesn't apply b/c I didn't have kids until I was in my 30's but -- it wouldn't have been good. I enjoyed your list!

  3. Kim--This was a hoot--from the big shoulderpads to the big hair to the big butts.

    I'm curious. My take on Flashdance was this: the WORST script, the WORST dialogue, but the music and the dancing made it irresistable. What was YOUR take on the movie?

  4. I loved the location (I am originally from the Western PA area, so the Pittsburgh sights were a plus). I loved the music and dance also, though wondered how all the serious dancers kept a straight face during her audition.

    I thought the leading man (Michael Nouri, I believe) was dreamy back then...now, not so much.

  5. Hey, I loved big hair! It'll be back in style before long, just you wait and see. LOL


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