March 19, 2013

The Boy Was a Trouper

The Boy made his stage debut as a tiger in Seussical The Musical!

He was able to take advantage of our local high school's drama department (even though he isn't currently enrolled at the school) - and he had a great time!

When he came offstage, his face was glowing (equal parts exhilaration and sweat - it's hot up there under the lights), and he said "I LOVED it! What an adrenaline rush!"

No, he wasn't a principal character, but he rehearsed his tail off. I was (and am) very proud of how well he did. Not willing to tempt fate, I attended all of his rehearsals (and now hum or whistle some of the Seussical songs during my waking hours). I watched the cast perfect their timing and heard their singing improve. Soon, they were a well-honed group of actors - and they took to the stage for four awesome performances over four days. There are some talented actors and singers in the cast - they should feel proud of how well they did.

After their debut, the cast met in the auditorium lobby for pictures and congratulations from friends and family. As we were leaving, a man (carrying the night's ticket sales cash box) said, "Good job, Boy (not his real name)!" as he strode off into the night.

"Who's that?", I inquired.

"Oh, that was the Superintendent. He was the one who called the police on me" (when The Boy was enrolled at the school).

I had a moment of anxiety - what if the school administrators decide that The Boy is ready to return to the high school? Yikes!

The Boy is eager to be in future productions, and is willing to explore other theatrical classes and activities.

He may have found his niche. He was nervous during rehearsals, and when waiting in the wings for his cue with the other Jungle of Nool animals, but once he got on stage, he was confident and secure.

And most of his fellow actors were quite kind and welcoming to him. I can't help but think that if he had been able to participate in Drama while he was a student at the school, maybe he would have found some friends and felt a desire to fly right and fit in.

Here are those pictures I promised:

Can you say "adrenaline rush"?

Hot, sweaty...and happy

Giving his first autograph to a young audience member


  1. Kudos to the boy! How absolutely thrilling, for him, as well as for you! Oh, the possibilities! Love the pictures!

  2. Aww I am so glad he did so well and enjoyed it. Most kids with issues like that have a knack for the arts and music. My son is a singer guitar player. If he can't life is miserable because it soothes him down.

  3. That is so awesome. I love the makeup.

  4. Kim--He obviously broke a leg! ;) Congratulations to you, the mother of a future thespian???

  5. I haven't checked in for a long time. Was happy to hear good news about the boy! :) Hope drama can be a positive outlet for him.

  6. Wow! He looks fantastic! He has a future in the performing arts.

  7. Love the photos!! And it sounds like this might be his niche! I"m glad it worked out so wonderfully.


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