April 07, 2013

I Felt the Love...and the Tears

Today, I was fortunate enough to meet all of the lovely women who will be reading with me at Listen To Your Mother: St. Louis. Before I left home, I had a feeling of first date nervousness - yet in my heart, I just knew it was going to be a love fest.

It was.

What a welcoming bunch of women. They were funny and encouraging and exactly what I've been needing. It had a real '60s vibe for me - I had to stop myself from raising my hand in a peace sign or burning my bra in the trash can in the lobby.

Momentary flashback, man

Then I heard their stories.

Wow. We all sat and listened to the results of each woman pouring her heart out. It was a cornucopia of emotions - from happy memories and gut-busting funny tales of family antics, to incredibly sad and sentimental stories that still offered hope, as well as maternal angst and mishaps, they read of mother love, guilt and the eternal lessons that mothers pass down through the generations.

Due to a flareup in seasonal allergies, I brought a full box of Kleenex with me. Half that box is gone as the tissues were passed from row to row in the auditorium as we wiped away tears in sympathy and empathy of our fellow cast members.

I was awestruck, and felt so honored to be part of this group. We range in age from early 20s to old enough to have grandchildren in their early 20s. I kept thinking how they could be my sisters - or my daughters, and I wished that all mothers could be as accepting and open as the women I met today.

And as diverse and far-flung as our life experiences went, we all had something in common to celebrate - the desire to describe the journey that we call motherhood.

If you're in the St. Louis area, please consider getting tickets for our May 11 show right away - you won't regret it. Tickets are selling at a rapid pace, so don't delay!

And if you're near any of the 23 other cities who are offering LTYM shows (click the 'Local shows' tab at the top of the page for locations), make an effort to go...

..just remember to bring the tissues.


  1. Kim--I am so glad you got to enjoy this love-fest.

    You're going to rock on May 11!

    1. Sioux,
      I'll think you'll be cheering for every story - they were amazing.

  2. It was an awesome experience. The connection was amazing, wasn;t it?

    1. I know they're all too old to adopt, but still...lol

  3. Loved meeting you. So looking forward to this journey. xoxo

  4. Am looking forward to attending and meeting both you and Susan. Break a leg! You are going to be awesome!


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