April 14, 2013

Saturday Centus: Surveillance Report

Jenny Matlock is on the ball every Saturday: her prompt is promptly posted; the limits she sets are quite clear.

100 word limit, non-inclusive of the prompt (which appears below in bold text).

Surveillance Report

10:28 GPS: McDonald’s
10:35 am Calls 663-4453, Steve Dupree. Call duration: seven minutes (who’s he?)
11:02 GPS: Home.
3:30  GPS: Loew’s Cineplex. Message from 663-4453 “Got the tickets. In lobby.”
5:53 From theater, I followed them to Le Courtesan restaurant. Table for two.

Marie’s “the one”. I did my homework – so glad I bugged her phone. Even her financials look good. When she came over for dinner last Friday, I drugged her wine. As I injected her with the microchip, I whispered, “This will just pinch a little, my darling.You're mine now.”

10:32 pm 146 Elmhurst Drive. Steve Competition eliminated.


  1. Loved this! How many times have we thought about it? Great take on the prompt!

  2. Wow, Kim. You took a prompt that could be part of an innocent story, and twisted it into something dark and sinister.

    If I were your husband, I'd treat you like a queen and do everything (and more) you asked for. And I'd watch my back (or my backside)...

    1. Before I looked at the picture, I did write it with the woman as the creeper, so maybe you're not far from the mark!

      I also thought about a pageant mom forcing a too-small shoe on her little girl, and Prince Charming putting the glass slipper on a non-Cinderella love interest.

      But as usual, sick and twisted won.

  3. Oh my, I guess that's a way to get the girl, ha!

  4. I love dark and sinister writing.

    As long as it's not late.

    Or cloudy.

    Or grey.

    This gave me pause...and I love the perfect little ominous vignette of your words!


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