April 19, 2013

Strutting Our Stuff Before We Strut Our Stuff

Last night, I attended a party.

A shoe party, of all things. Me, the woman who has no desire for shopping; me, the woman who has a defective shoe/clothing hunting gene.

Good thing I had Tammy with me...she was in her element. She's a shopper.

Bronx & Diba Shoes, one of our Listen To Your Mother sponsors, offered all of us speakers a free pair of shoes to wear to the show. We could bring guests who were offered healthy discounts on the plethora of European boots, stilettos, pumps, mules and other gravity-defying heels.

As we entered, the party was in full swing. There was a table covered with snack foods. My favorite was a yummy mango salsa with lime-flavored tortilla chips.

And there was wine. 

Tammy's first request was for wine, but it wasn't on the table. 

"Where's the wine?", she implored - and she wandered off in search of liquid refreshment.

The women prowled the display racks, oohing and ahhing over the shoes.

"Oh, look at these!"

"I could never wear those!"

Displayed throughout the store were shoes embellished with studs, zippers, bows or Koosh balls (yes, they had sandals with a Koosh ball-like pouf), ranging in every color of the rainbow and then some; from flats to nosebleed-producing heel heights, the women were on the hunt for the perfect pair of shoes. 

There was lots of laughter - maybe some of the frivolity was due to the wine, but I don't think so.

There was lots of giggling as the more fashion-forward women congregated in front of the towering heels. 

And just like our first Listen To Your Mother rehearsal, there was much encouragement and support. At first, the shoe wearer would take haltering steps, wondering if they could walk with confidence across the stage. Growing in confidence, their strides grew longer and their smiles wider. Victory!

I tried on some sensible flats - I'm past feeling like I need to wear (as my friend Dana calls them) "cruel shoes". The fit wasn't quite right, so I gave up my search. 

Instead, I picked out shoes for Tammy to try on - shoes that belonged on the catwalk; shoes that might end up on the foot of women doing pole dances. Tammy said that the highest pair felt more comfortable than some of the pumps.

We suggested shoes to each other, testing the limits of peer pressure. I never could get anyone to try on a pair of red heels that had a wedge-shaped platform, and everyone pooh-poohed the shoes that were emblazoned with words like "diva", "stylish" and "SEXY".

I thought I'd escaped unscathed (and shoeless), but Melissa, a LTYM reader (and a mom and teacher of at-risk students), asked, "Kim, do you have any shoes?"

When I responded in the negative, she said, "You and I are going to be shoe twinsies" - and she proceeded to get me a pair of the mint-green leather flats that she was currently trying on. 

She meant business, so I dutifully put the shoes on - and they fit. Melissa later changed her mind and went home with an awesome pair of cowboy boots.

Next dilemma: What do I wear? Tammy's already offered to go clothes shopping with me.

I hope the stores have wine.

P.S. Tammy and I made a side trip after the party...more on that later!


  1. What a fun night drinking vino, squeezing our feet into shoes, and laughing with our LTYM cast!

  2. I'm so envious! Unlike you, I DO love shoes and shopping for them. *sigh* Your evening sounds delightful, as does the company you keep!

  3. Shoes + wine + cool women = AWESOME!! You lucky girl!

  4. Color me green as well. It sounds like a delightful night.


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