April 30, 2013

The Joy of Living (because the title 'Here's the Latest Shit' didn't sound as nice)

April is almost over - and this year, it was NOT the cruelest month. T.S. Eliot was wrong, though I think his poem "The Waste Land" is pretty awesome.

April is Poetry month - it's only right that I refer to a poem.

First, some stuff about ME (it's all about me, after all)...

Listen To Your Mother St. Louis is fast approaching. On May 11, if you're lucky enough to be in the audience, you'll be inspired and amazed by the stories my fellow cast members will be reading. This has been a wonderful experience for me. It's made me realize that I missed the important female bonding, sisterhood of the traveling pants experience in my adolescence and young adult life. My mom didn't permit a lot of socializing - and as the only girl with four brothers, I never learned the joy of small talk and giggling and sharing stories. I lacked those skills that could have made my own parenting adventure a lot less isolating.

LTYM STL 2013 Producer/Directors, Bigshot TV Emcee and Cast(three members missing)

Honestly, I'm in awe of the younger women who have so much confidence and a can-do attitude - yet aren't afraid to reach out for support. If I compare how I acted at their age, I was a big sissy wuss weakling, and obviously emotionally stunted.

That's what I get for being raised by a woman who graduated at the top of the class at the Joan Crawford Academy for Parenting Excellence. But it's in poor taste to blame my troubles on piss poor parenting - I'm too old for that nonsense. 

And I'm slow to change my behavior (although The Mister would insist that I'm stubborn). I am pretty sure that by the time I'm going to the Senior Center for mystery meat and pureed vegetables, I'll have this whole 'female relationship' thing figured out.

I will NOT use today's post to implore you local folks to purchase tickets - but I fear you'll be sorry if you don't.

I lie - here's the link. Please...I ain't too proud to beg.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho
It's Off to Work I Go

I'm the sole breadwinner now - the working from home thing is going well. This week I have several deadlines to meet (and am already freaking out about how I will accomplish these feats of derring-do). Unfortunately, the rumors that other family members would be doing the majority of the housework/cooking/laundry have been unsubstantiated. As I toil away, I look around and see the house in such a state of disarray that I feel I may soon totally lose my shit.

Wait, there's more!

Publishing Syndicate, the folks behind the 'Not Your Mother's Book' series, emailed to tell me that a story I submitted has made it past the first-round of acceptance. If I make the cut, Not Your Mother's Book...On Holidays will include my chilling tale of adolescent misdeeds that occurred one fateful Halloween night.

The Boy continues to amaze...

Yes, the lad is STILL doing well in school, and STILL behaving well at home. I think the maturity fairy sprinkled happy dust on him (but not so much of the stuff to make him manic). He's acting more like a typical teenager, with a pretty normal amount of sarcasm and overall disrespect for authority. Oh, don't worry that he's been "cured" or anything - he still has his quirks and is prone to blurt out inappropriate comments at inopportune times - but his barbs have lost their mean edge...and sometimes, they're on target and funny. 

He's growing taller (practically six feet tall now) and has lost 30 pounds since July (change in meds? daily PE? Who cares!). 

And I'm so glad Autism Awareness month is over today - now I don't have to think about autism until...oh, never mind (look, I lit it up blue).

The Mister is still The Mister...

He's still job hunting, he's still bossy. And he hasn't stopped insisting that he's the smart one and I'm the cute one. Silly man - I'll let him keep that delusion going, though it pains me so - and I want to punch a kitten every time I have to tell him that he's right about something.

The Mister has taken on some caregiver responsibilities for his dad, Gus. They've been spending time together shopping and going to doctor appointments. Gus gave up driving a while ago, due to poor eyesight and hearing, so he's been dependent upon others to ferry him to and fro. Now it's his son's turn. The Mister is taking over his dad's financial affairs (after discovering that he'd been taken advantage of).

And the loved ones, near and far...

The grown children are still wonderful, and the grandchildren are still darned near perfect. We look forward to getting to know our newest grandchild, born on 4/20.

What's not to love about all this?

What was the best thing that happened to YOU in April? 


  1. Holy crap! I make inappropriate remarks at inopportune times, and the remarks are ALWAYS laced with sarcasm and they're occasionally funny and on-target.

    I have always been diagnosed as a snarky *itch, but you think I might be autistic as well? Hmmm... ;)

    1. I am silently diagnosing people everywhere I go...you've been warned!

  2. Oops. I forgot to say. I paid for a ticket, I guess they're holding the ticket for me (I'm assuming that's the way they're rollin') and I am soooo looking forward to May 11.

    Congratulations to being one of the LTYM writers/performers, and congrats to making the cut for the NYMB on Holidays. What a book signing we could do!

    1. I've never done a book signing - it sounds like it would be a blast!

  3. You sure can juggle a shit load, and I admire you for that. You are an amazing writer. I am so glad that the boy is calmer and your job intact.

  4. Kim--I PROMISE this will be my last comment today.

    The best thing that happened to me in April? Well, my daughter and her family are moving back (from Florida) today, and on Saturday, I got to see the 16th Street Baptist Church, where decades ago, 4 little girls were killed by a bomb. I also got to hear a phenomenal speaker and song-writer and dancer, Emmanuel Jal, from Sudan.

    Looking back on it, April was definitely NOT a cruel month for me...

    1. I have a daughter and family in FL...but since they're not "from" here, I see no possibility of them moving. They're in love with the Mouse in Orlando.

  5. Oh how I wish LTYM was closer to me. I don't know that I would participate but I would definitely attend. Congrats on the new grandbaby and all the good going on in your life.

    1. Thanks! I bet you would rock LTYM! Maybe they'll have one in KY next year!

  6. You are an amazing mom, and an amazing writer. In fact, one could say you are Wonder Woman! Kudos to you for pushing yourself with all the other stuff going on in your life! I am inspired to work harder now! I bought a ticket and hope I get the chance to meet you!

    1. Thank you! You're always so kind and supportive! I look forward to meeting you at the show! I'll be the one sweating bullets lol

  7. No ticket for me as I live many states south . . . I'll be sending good thoughts, though, if that counts. You had a VERY busy April!

    1. Good thoughts are always appreciated! Maybe they'll have a LTYM in your neck o' the woods next year - I know you can write a helluva story!


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