May 08, 2013

Listen To Your Mother: Attitude Adjustment

I posted this on Facebook, and wondered if it merited its on spot on my blog. I think it does!

Listen to Your Mother St. Louis is this Saturday. I'm anxious (in a good way), and eager to share the stage with some incredibly impressive and inspiring women. At first glance, you might not think I'd have anything in common with some of them - we are all so very different. But, in this, we are all the same: We all have a story to tell, and our stories all mirror the many blessings and challenges that motherhood provides. 

Already, it is apparent to me that this lesson is applicable outside of Saturday's show - it is a life lesson (one that Oprah didn't teach me!).

This experience has made me realize the value of listening, and the value of being supportive to family, friends and strangers, alike. Eyes light up when I make the effort to actively listen when people share their innermost fears, successes or failures. It has been my pleasure to see that others are eager to tell (and re-tell) tales about their lives; the storytellers yearn to be heard. Differences fall aside, and I see that we have much more in common in our humanness.

Whether you have a mother, are a mother, or know a mother, I hope you'll also find the inspiration, hope and joy that I've experienced each time I take the time to listen to someone's personal story.

Thank you, Listen to Your Mother, for this opportunity...I am changed by it (and our show hasn't even taken place yet!).

Here's the link for tickets to our performances on Saturday, May 11 - I do hope you'll try to just may find that your outlook is changed, too:

I hope you listen to YOUR mother, and that your children listen to YOU!


  1. Kim--You are 100% correct. When we actively listen--instead of merely going through the motions as we pretend to attend--it makes a big difference.

    The 11th is almost here. Yahoo!

  2. Your words resonate no matter what you write because you write with authenticity, Kim.

  3. You're right. Being a great listener is of benefit not only to the speaker, but to the listener as well. No one ever learned anything by talking too much!

    Good luck on Saturday! I'll be with my St. Louis pals in spirit.


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