May 15, 2013

Seth is FIVE!

Today is Seth's birthday. I love this kid. I especially love to talk to him. His leaps in logic are funny and his observations on life are priceless. 

He likes Mickey Mouse, Hot Wheels, Legos - and The Sound of Music.

His favorite toy is his tablet PC. He can go on and on about his favorite apps - and he takes great pleasure in the fact that he can beat my score on every game I've tried to play. Seth is interested in my game-playing ability, and wants to help me improve my performance by grabbing the tablet from me helping me. "I'll show you how to do it, Grandma!"

He normally isn't allowed to drink colored sodas - in his world, they are "grownup sodas". 

At a recent birthday, he drank Pepsi. His mom said, "Seth, you had a grownup soda?"

"I didn't even turn into a grownup."

He can count to 100...repeatedly...and he does at every opportunity.

Just in case I thought I was his favorite person, he clarified my position I hold in his heart by telling me, "You're not my best friend, Grandma. I only love you. Daddy is my best friend."

When I went to their house one morning, Seth was concerned about the fact that I hadn't had breakfast. He gave me a granola bar, and offered to get me some applesauce.

Seth - making a yummy dinner
When The Mister and I went to a Grandparents' Day celebration at his preschool, we went to Mass before visiting his classroom. Seth is a talker - a BIG talker. He talked about stuff the entire way through the school and into the parking lot.

When we approached a gate close to the church he said, "Grandma, when we get to the gate, we have to be silent." Silly me - I expected him to stop talking after we walked through said gate, but he continued his verbal monologue about the priest's dog and other interesting facts.

He talked (a bit quieter) during most of Mass, too, asking me why we didn't kneel when everyone else did, and why we didn't go up to the communion rail.

When he visited us on Mother's Day, he spent most of his time playing games on my laptop. "Type Kizi, Grandma. Not Kizi100, just Kizi. K-I-Z-I." When he tired of the games, he jumped on The Boy (who was laying on the floor). The Boy, not accustomed to the typical roughhousing of little boys, was not pleased about the attention.

Since it's Seth's birthday, he gets to pick the restaurant for his birthday dinner. Tonight, we'll go to Chili's to celebrate (he and brother Russ will have a joint birthday party next month). Seth loves sharing his party with baby Russell - he thinks that Mommy and Daddy went to the hospital and got Russell as a gift for Seth.

Seth is growing up too fast, and will be in Kindergarten in the fall. I can't wait to hear his well-thought out words of wisdom tonight.

I'm glad he's here to teach me.


  1. Seth is a delight! Thanks for sharing him with us. It's been a long time since I've enjoyed the wisdom of a 5-year-old.

  2. Kim--Seth is a pistol--what a sharp kid. I am sure he will entertain his kindergarten teacher next year with stories and tidbits of wisdom.

    My son, when growing up, always beat me at every strategy game I could come up with. (I didn't even try challenging him at a video game.) I had to resort to playing Monopoly and cheating (taking extra money when he wasn't looking) so he would not grow up and never know what losing feels like.

    It was a supreme sacrifice, but someone had to do it...

  3. What a sweet little guy! It's hard to believe he's five! I swear time is zipping by faster and faster!


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