June 30, 2013

Feeling Lusty

A lot has changed around here since The Mister's diabetes diagnosis.

We're eating healthy foods - lots of fruits and vegetables. We've found several new recipes that are tasty and good for us.

Despite all of these positive changes, I am left wanting. I feel neglected and lustful.

At night, as I sit alone in the semi-darkness, my thoughts turn dark, and I search out Web sites to satisfy my urges.

I feel ashamed of my lust, my dark lust. Mmmmm, baby.

I listen for The Mister's footsteps, so I can close the page I'm viewing, guilty.

My desires feel almost pornographic...

Cake. Brownies. Cookies, oh my.

I want to get down and dirty, and bake these sinful treats:

I know all about Splenda and whole wheat/alternate flours, and how I can make desserts that are within The Mister's daily carb count. The problem lies in portion control - there's no way any of us would stop at one serving of these delicious desserts.

Sigh...no relief from my lust. I remain unsatisfied and frustrated and yearning.

Maybe if I sneak out of the house for a quick cupcake fix?


  1. Kim--Go to a cupcake bar, savor one there, and wipe the crumbs off your face before you get home. That way you'll both be happy...(Gilly's makes ones that are to-die-for. I think it's spelled with a "G" and not a "J".)

  2. I know all about your Sweets Addiction! And I don't blame you for lusting over those scrumptious delights!! A cupcake, or two, or three.....might help once in a while! I recall someone suggesting a 12-Step program, I believe! :)


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