June 26, 2013

Five Years of Happy Things

Five years ago today, The Boy, the cat, and I arrived in Missouri, ready to begin a new phase in life.

The Mister had no idea what he was in for, poor man.

And yet, we continue.

Mama Kat's prompt, Something your significant other does that makes you happy, is the inspiration for today's post...but I'm going to cheat. There's no way, at least on this date, that I can list only one thing The Mister does that makes me happy.

  1. The Mister tolerates me in all my Kim-ness. He puts up with my smartass attitude, my incessant questions, my addiction to news stories, and my absolute laziness about all things domestic. Lest you think I am going to change my ways and become a better person, think again - like Popeye, I yam what I yam.
  2. The Mister does the grocery shopping, a task I no longer have any interest in doing. Though he has a love of sales which sometimes results in food hoarding, he willingly takes my shopping list and stocks up on all the things we need.
  3. The Mister has had quite an impact on The Boy and his behavior, though there are days where that is not apparent. Just when I think that The Boy hasn't listened or learned a thing, he'll say something that tells me that he does care about The Mister - and that he cares what The Mister says and thinks. When The Mister was recently diagnosed with diabetes, The Boy walked up to him and in a pleading voice said, "Please don't die." And when The Boy's own father called on the phone, The Boy said, "The Mister has taken more of an interest in me than my own father has."
  4. The Mister listens to my endless chatter. He says that I have 50,000 words that have to come out each day - and he's happy to listen to all of them, just not all in one sitting.
  5. The Mister appreciates it when I do something nice for him.
  6. If I ask nicely, The Mister will usually put on his shirt before going outside, or before company comes - there are some things that should be unveiled just for me (and I grow weary of the neighbors' comments about his exposed midsection).
  7. The Mister and I bicker - and laugh - in equal parts. I'm sure our verbal sparring is misinterpreted as arguing by others, but that is usually not the case.
  8. Until recently, The Mister was the major breadwinner and bill payer. Since I was a single mom for a long time, I was so happy knowing that I now wouldn't have to shoulder all of the burdens. Now that I'm working, I am whipping out the checkbook more often - but it doesn't seem like the big, nasty chore it was in the past, because we're working on financial goals together.
  9. The Mister is very complimentary and supportive of my writing aspirations, though he sometimes nags when I'm not being as productive as I should.
  10. The Mister enjoys cooking, and is the breakfast cook (when we do breakfast on the weekends). He also is great at food prep and he is a willing guinea pig when I try new recipes. 
  11. The Mister buys things I like without me having to ask for them. He keeps me supplied with Coke Zero (and before the diabetes thing, he bought me chocolate).
  12. The Mister is mostly patient when I remind him about portion sizes and carbs...because I want him healthy and want to be able to torment him for many years to come.
  13. The Mister does not wake me up when I am snoring - because he has learned that he married a woman who is really a hideous monster if my sleep is disturbed...and nobody needs that.
Don't tell The Mister I wrote this list. If he finds out that I love and appreciate all that he does, it may disturb the delicate balance of hostility and silliness that we've developed over this half decade of domestic bliss.


  1. This wonderfully almost sounds like my life. :) I haven't grown into the whole domesticated home stuff. My daughters are making it obvious the love my fiance and sadly enough, their father isn't more involved. He does the grocery shopping also. Honest. He tends to think I buy things we don't need that are gone in a couple days, like cupcakes and things I find important when grocery shopping. He has also been known to tell my daughters not to wake up mommy. I do let him know in random spurts that I appreciate him, but try not to over do it. You can probably tell, I have around 40,000 words stored up, and he's sleeping. I am so glad I found your blog. This post made me smile. Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. Awww! How lucky you are to have a significant other that you are able to find so many good things about. I hope to have that someday (or else nothing at all!)

    Here via Mama Kat's.

  3. This is my first visit here and I am so glad I stopped to read. Your Mister reminds me very much of my own and his patience with my three older children (his step-kids) who can be difficult on a good day, but who love him beyond words. It is good to know that our quirky balance of grump and genuine love and affection are not entirely unique and in fact work for others as well.

  4. Kim--what a great tribute, even though your intention is to make sure he never sees it.

    (What is with idiotic fathers? Don't they see what they will be missing out on later if they don't connect now?)

  5. A fine line between between love and what? Sounds like you two are well suited. Bill and I tease one another endlessly. I like that he recognizes your need to spew 50,000 :) It's a girl thing.

  6. He doesn't just tolerate you in all you Kim-ness, he loves you in all your Kim-ness! He sounds like a wonderful man and you and The Boy are lucky to have him. Thank you for sharing with us

  7. You are such a lucky woman, and you know it. Congrats on 5 years of bliss.

  8. AHHHH! I wish mine would do the grocery shopping! It would be such a relief!

    Looks like you have a winner! Stopping by from Mama Kat's

  9. Love your list. Your Mister should offer classes in "Mister training".

    You ahve to love a man who will go grocery shopping, I hate going and my mister goes for us. THANK GOD!

  10. Nice list. You've got a good Mister there!

  11. The Mister sounds like one great guy! I *wish* my hubby would do the grocery shopping...that is something I simply can't stand to do!

  12. My husband does the grocery shopping too! I'm not sure when or how that job transitioned from me to him, but I'm happy to let him have it! Sounds like you picked a winner. :)


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