July 14, 2013

After a 37 Year Sentence, I Get A Reprieve

I've been legally and morally responsible for one or more of three children for the past 37 years. I started this gig during the Carter administration. Who'd have ever thought that I'd still be mothering a child after all this time?

Boy, am I tired.

Thirty-seven years of vigilance...and counting.

Eighteen years ago, I embarked on my most treacherous adventure, when I gave birth to The Boy via emergency c-section.

Both of us came close to dying that morning...but we made it. We're stubborn like that.

And now, The Boy has reached the milestone of adulthood (according to the law).

There were times when I thought that one or both of us would not make it.

I guess I shouldn't call him The Boy anymore...he's a young man now. He's not ready to take the world by storm, but he is making good choices and maturing nicely over the past year, so I have some hope.

I've seen the statistics on adults with autism, the odds are stacked against him as far as employment and living independently go...but he's reached further and higher than many experts thought he would to get where he is now.

Yesterday, he announced that he has plans to go to college and study drama - and I'll do all that I can to help him realize that dream.

He's not well-known now, but someday, maybe he'll have his fifteen minutes of fame. In anticipation of his eventual dramatic success, he's already perfected his autograph.

I was just happy he learned how to write his name in cursive.

We'll be lunching at iHOP (his choice); one of his friends from school will joining our celebration.

And sometime during the week, maybe he'll get his state ID card, and he'll sign up for Selective Service (though he'd never pass the mental health portion of the exam, thank God).

In a month, he starts his Senior year of high school.

The world is his oyster.

And I am now mother only to adult children...how weird is that?

Happy Birthday, Boy Young Man! I love you!

Creative Commons,  gurdonark

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  1. A reprieve? You know, Kim, this is not even parole. Even though The Young Man is 18, if he's smart (and it sounds like he is) he'll be sucking up free room and board for as long as possible...

    However, congratulations for no longer being the parent of children--you're the mom of only adults now. I think you'll find that it only gets better. My youngest is 25 and he's such a joy now that he's an adult (and now that his frontal lobe has fully developed).

    I'm sure the birthday celebrations will be fun. Tell him your 271 followers wish him a happy birthday...


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