July 01, 2013

Going to Boot Camp...It's Gonna Be Ugly

For a while now, I've been getting daily emails from No Excuses Workout System, which contain a daily fitness mission and inspirational messages to get you doing some exercise. Once in a while, I attempt to do the exercises, and it ain't pretty.

Today is the start of the No Excuses Online Boot Camp (for all fitness levels). I didn't have $97 lying around to pay for the eight-week program. 

Then this morning, they sent out a message about their 'Pay it Forward' plan. All I had to do was write up to one page about why I needed the program, and why paying for the Boot Camp would be outside of my budget.

I received notice that I am getting Boot Camp for FREE! Yay!

Let's hope I'm still saying YAY after I do the first training session today.

I thought perhaps I'd post about my progress (or lack of same). Maybe putting it out here will make me feel accountable to participate fully in the program.

Here's to beginning the exercise habit!

You can find out about Jonathan Roche and Boot Camp here.

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No excuses...


  1. Yaay, congrats on getting Boot Camp for free! I hope it helps/works out for you, and I'd love to read about your progress.

    I need some Boot Camp myself, but motivation can be so hard. At least my dog is in shape.....

  2. Congratulations for making the decision to do something. Maybe your commitment will cause me to get off my dead butt and do something...

  3. Congrats, Kim! Another time that your writing won you a prize! (that sounds like real bad grammar, but I ain't got time to fix it!) And YES, I want to read about your progress every day!! You Go Girl!! You can do it!!


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