July 16, 2013

Looking for a Few Good Men (and Tiny Baby Men)

Yesterday was the Young Man Previously Known as The Boy's (TYMPKatB) first full day of his eighteenth year, and the US Government is already after his ass.

Creative Commons by SavaTheAggie

A Marine recruiter called and asked TYMPKatB if he's at all interested in a career in the military. 

"I'm going to give the phone to my mom."

Being (in TYMPKatB's own words) "a tiny baby man", the phone was passed to me, and I talked to the eager recruiter.

"My son has an autism diagnosis and a bipolar disorder diagnosis. I am pretty confident that he'd never meet your requirements." The recruiter apologized for calling and ended the call.

Can calls from Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard be next?

With all this talk about the inefficiencies and red tape inherent in the Government, how the hell did they manage to call ONE DAY AFTER HE TURNED 18? How did they get our phone number? Our phone is not listed in his name (not even his last name).

Coincidentally, yesterday was grandson Cameron's eighth birthday. He and Jordyn had an exciting day.

Here they are, suited up:

Here's Cameron in action:

Cameron loves all things car-related (and all things related to Disney's Cars franchise). He didn't seem at all nervous while the car traveled 80 MPH around the track, even though his expression doesn't change during the entire video.

But he did have some trouble with the noise while he was waiting his turn:

I expect NASCAR to call them today for a job in the pit crew, at the very least. 


  1. When my son turned 18 (during the Dubbya presidential era), my son got a letter from the Air Force. They included a handy-dandy post card he could mail back.

    I took it, and wrote across it with a Sharpie marker, in large letters and in no uncertain terms, that my son would NEVER join as long as a Bush was president. I felt like Julia Sugarbaker on one of her rants.

    Yes, it's amazing that the government can be that organized and timely with some things, and so screwed-up and lagging with others...

    1. During the Dubya era, I thought that we'd have to join the Quaker faith and profess conscientious objector status to keep The Boy out of the military. How lucky that mental illness and autism made that move unnecessary.

  2. Maybe school records? I know at my fiancè's school, they did the ASVAB or something in one of his classes, once they were eighteen. He lived in Republican territory, though.

    But I agree. It's kind of creeper-stalkerly to be all "WE WANT YOU TO SIGN UP!" the day after he's of age, without knowing anything about him, on your number that doesn't match his name.

  3. That is frightening! THEY KNOW WHERE YOU ARE...
    Another reason I'm glad to be living overseas where no one will phone me randomly. Well, they do, but I just have to say "Nao fala Portuguese" and hang up :)


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