July 05, 2013

The Fourth of July: A Poem

To the Right of the Big Dipper

I watch my world from the deck
and hear the revelry around me
Americans celebrate
Roman candles, large pops and bangs
1500 degree sparklers in the children’s hands
Spelling their names in the air in primary colors
The schizophrenic dawn-to-dusk light’s sensor gone awry
Light on, then off, the light stutters to life again and again
If it had any sense at all, it would wait until the sky show was completed
To the right of the Big Dipper, I view the colorful display
as the neighbor’s flag waves in the slight breeze, the rope ping pinging against the flagpole
In this way, we celebrate the Founding Fathers’ success
The sliver of the moon, ignored, sits patiently in the sky
Knowing that it will soon be the main attraction again
A cloud of smoke lingers, and the smell of black powder permeates
In war-torn countries, the noise would cause citizens to take cover
Instead, we ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ and drain our drinks
satisfied that another Fourth of July has been done right


  1. If only it was done. But since the 4th fell on a Thursday, I know it will continue tonight, and Saturday and probably Sunday. By then, I hope, my neighbors will have run out of noisemakers...Last night, my dogs were miserable.

  2. Wow! Great poem that captured the night. If I underlined all of the lines I especially liked in this poem, most of it would be underlined!

  3. Lovely poem... which all of your poems are. Thanks for sharing.


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