October 24, 2013

Going, Going...Gone!

Mama Kat provides today's inspiration:

Write a blog post inspired by the word 'ring'.

When The Mister and I talked about getting married, naturally, the subject of wedding rings came up.

We looked at rings online, and oohed and aahed at all of the bright and shiny (and expensive) circles of gold. He was particularly smitten with a white gold ring that was etched with Celtic knots. Alas, that fancy ring was not in our very modest budget. 

I was able to find an inexpensive titanium ring that he said he was happy with, and he and I professed our love and fidelity to each other in a small ceremony in our living room.

Look, we're married!
But just TEN DAYS later, he came home with a look of chagrin on his face - and no ring on his finger - and for a brief moment, I thought our happy union was doomed.

The Mister's ring fit him a bit loosely. It wasn't so big that it would fly off his finger if he waved goodbye, but it was loose.

That particular day, The Mister went to work, like usual. When nature called, he went to the restroom to do what one does in an office bathroom stall.

Like flush his ring down the toilet.

When the ring pinged against the porcelain bowl, he reached his hand into the swirling maelstrom, amidst the toilet's "flotsam and jetsam".

(In this part of the story, I like to imagine that he was so upset that he uttered a common word that is used to indicate excrement).

Alas, he came up empty-handed - which was not a bad thing at all, considering what prize he could have grasped from the watery depths.

We had a good laugh (at his expense), and arranged a trip to the store to replace that traditional token of my love and fidelity.

Note: As we've been eating healthier since The Mister's diabetes diagnosis, we've both lost some weight and find that our wedding rings are getting pretty loose, so I wouldn't be surprised if one or both of us will be sending a wedding band to its watery grave. Rest assured that I will NOT be plucking anything out of the vortex.


  1. Oh no! That's terrible and funny at the same time. Dropping by from Mama Kat's.

  2. Ahhh, I think he was shi**ing you with his version. Although I have been known to put my hand down a crappy toilet before it overflowed. You should have heard the teachers screech. It was either dirty hand or flooded classroom.

    Glad to hear of your weightloss. I should change my wicked ways.

  3. I got my husband a titanium ring too because he hates the feeling of jewelry but those are nice and light. However, he has misplaced it so many times!

  4. Your description of his plunge to save your love from the depths of the toilet totally have me giggling over here. I don't know if I could make that same sacrifice for my husband either.

  5. Kim--Funny story. It's amazing what memories just one word will unearth.


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