November 18, 2013

I Had a Dream...No, Not That Dream

I confess. I am a political news junkie. I am constantly trolling news Web sites and reading stories about our government. The crazy lack of cooperation in our Congress puts my mind in turmoil, the verbal attacks from both political parties makes me nuts.

Last night, they even encroached on my dreams.

Though instead of consternation, I was filled with hope.

In my dream, I was watching (or maybe I was attending, it was hard to tell) a Senator's press conference. Even in my dream, I was expecting the usual nonsense of blaming the President or the opposing political party for the government's lack of progress in enacting new legislation.

The Senator, clad in his conservatively colored suit, red necktie and the obligatory flag lapel pin, approached the podium to speak. Reporters jockeyed for position near the lectern, eager to collect their sound bites for the evening news.

He cleared his throat, adjusted the knot on his tie and said, "Thank you for coming."

Then the magic happened. He stared directly into the television cameras and started his speech.

"Americans are well aware of the rancor within Congress, and our inability to make any sort of progress regarding the passing of important legislation. I am weary of the stalemate. I represent the people of the great State of (fill in the blank, I don't remember a state being mentioned in my dream)."

"I am going against my Party's recommendation." He paused for a second, then grasped the edges of the podium and appeared to steel himself before continuing.

"For today, I am going to do what is right. From this point forward, my voting record will reflect my desire to represent the citizens of my state. I will not vote according to my party affiliation; I will not buckle under the pressure of lobbyists or the possibility of being 'primaried' when I am up for re-election. I will listen to my constituents - all of them, regardless of the way they vote - and my vote will reflect THEIR best interests."

"I am my state's Senatorial representative - nothing more. It's time I do the work for which I was elected. I urge my fellow Senators to vote in the best interest of their constituents too. Let's stop the insanity and return honor to the halls of Congress."

The press conference faded to black (so maybe I was not a bystander, but merely a television viewer). Then the opening refrain of "Bohemian Rhapsody" began to play in my head.

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide
No escape from reality

No shit. My dreams are this strange and this vivid. No wonder I suffer from insomnia, this is strange stuff.

I woke up and told myself (silently, in my head, as it was 4 am) that I needed to remember this dream.

Now if there was some way to get Congress to take on my dream...

Time to troll some sites and get slapped by reality. Sigh.


  1. That dream--if it ever comes true--will become reality so far into the future, it will be a sic-fi tale.

    And a dash of Freddie Mercury is ALWAYS good...

  2. Your dream may be prophetic, Kim. Your dreams would make great novels.


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