November 05, 2013

Stupid Shit I've Argued About...Episode 1 in a Series

I like news. I 'liked' all the local news stations in my Facebook feed. Even our local Fox station (and I think they're mostly full of crap). I also check out all the network news stations.

I'm a news junkie. News websites? Check. Email alerts? Check. 

It's a sickness. 

I have a serious NEED TO KNOW. And accompanying that symptom, I have a tremendous need TO BE RIGHT.

So, I found this gem of a video from my local Fox affiliate. It's ridiculousness caused me to ask The Mister to come look at it...and that's when we almost came to blows:

The videographer, Kenny Suitter, is a rabblerouser who has an internet radio show. He has his own Youtube channel where he is seen harassing the

He was filming at a MetroLink (light rail) station in the St. Louis area. He was asked to stop recording, and to leave the premises.

He was a real jerk.

But it appears that he was right. On the MetroLink website, it shows that videotaping is allowed.

The Mister kept insisting that MetroLink is a COMPANY, and can kick someone off PRIVATE PROPERTY at any time. I felt like I could punch him in the throat.

I said it was a government entity (I'm right, by the way), and that any area not marked as 'authorized personnel only' is PUBLIC PROPERTY.

The Mister is wrong; I am right. Those two facts did not stop us from YELLING at each other. I hate it when he talks over me; he hates it when I interrupt or correct him.

I visited the MetroLink website, and read ALOUD that the system is governed by the Bi-State Development Agency.

See, I was right.

Does that sound government-y to you? It is funded by sales tax. The governor of Missouri appoints board members for the Missouri half of the transit system.

Sound like a government thing yet?

Not to The Mister.

He hates it when I'm right.

In the scheme of things, I don't give a rat's ass where this guy filmed. I don't care that he was arrested for trespassing (because he didn't leave when asked to)...even though he had every right to use his recording equipment in public areas.

I just wasted twenty minutes of my life (and an appreciable amount of goodwill with The Mister) on this stupid shit.

I am sure that my need to provide incontrovertible evidence that I AM RIGHT is a character flaw.

I wish I could learn how to pull of a "smugly silent" attitude, but I'm not even remotely close to that accomplishment.

Did I tell you I was RIGHT?

Do you argue about stupid shit with your loved ones? Or am I the only one who insists so vehemently to be heard? Is it just some sick need for an 'Atta Girl'?

Or have I been watching too many Congressional debates on C-SPAN?

I will post other arguments we've had over stupid shit - but only if I'm RIGHT.



  1. Mine would say I have to prove a point. I would say, it is easier to lead a stubborn jack ass to water than it is to convince him you are right. Getting riled up could be foreplay????

  2. Kim--Doesn't The Mister know that women are ALWAYS right?

    No, you're not the only one. There are times when I will not shut up until MY mister says, "I was wrong...and you were right."

  3. me argue with the BOSS,,,??? lololololololheheheheeohhhmtgoodness,,now what were we talking about?

  4. My hubby has come to realize that I am always right, so we never argue. All I have to say is, do you want to bet? And I suggest you quit watching the news, it might make you feel better :-)


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