January 10, 2014

Please Help Me Pick My Theme for the Year

From the blogs I'm reading, it appears that setting a THEME is quite trendy. My writing battery needs a jumpSTART.

I'm not usually one to jump on a bandwagon, but I see POSSIBILITIES in this idea. I do, however, lack COMMITMENT (though in the past, a few people have suggested I should have been committed. You know who you are).

I am not FEARLESS; I am not overflowing with BRAVERY or SELF-CONFIDENCE. At best, these attributes appear as a trickle in times of crisis, and I muddle through despite myself. 

I don't DARE take too many chances, as that negative tape in my head tells me I will not achieve SUCCESS. When I have gone far beyond my COMFORT zone, and SUCCEED, I am initially thrilled, but figure the POSITIVE outcome is merely due to dumb luck. I pass up OPPORTUNITIES for EXCELLENCE - and kick myself for my lack of COURAGE.

Of course, if I am thinking logically, I know that if I don't TRY, I won't ACHIEVE. I WONDER how I can RESET my ATTITUDE and ATTAIN my version of GREATNESS. I get too comfortable with mediocrity, yet know that I can do MORE if I set my mind to it. My laziness kicks in, and my EXTRAORDINARY flair for making excuses keeps me treading water when I should be REACHing for the other shore.

I can DO better. I need to do MORE. I need a kick in the  pants; I benefit from ENCOURAGEMENT (and I get plenty right here in the comments you leave). I need to practice being ACCOUNTABLE for the RESULTS of my actions (or inaction). I need someone to hold my feet to the proverbial FIRE to help me FOLLOW THROUGH.

That "someone" is me. I need to start setting realistic writing GOALS at the same time that I am EXPLORING how to improve my SKILLS. I have much to LEARN.

My first PROMISE to me? I will SUBMIT one item a month, at a minimum. I will make writing a daily HABIT and FOCUS my activities toward this modest goal. 

It won't be easy, my bad habits are firmly entrenched...but it's TIME for a CHANGE!

What would you pick as my theme for the year? In your comment, type the uppercase word that you think will help me IMPROVE my chances in this year.

I would be remiss if I didn't offer my sincere GRATITUDE for all of you wonderful people who encourage and support me in my endeavors.

Thank you so much!


  1. You need a theme? How about aimlessness and lack of focus?

    1. Dennis,
      I already have that theme going for me - I was looking for something NEW.

  2. Kim--I like "more." It could mean more forgiveness (of yourself), more writing, more laughter...

    Someone--Lynn or Pat?--reminded me of Anne Lamotte writing "Do better." That means we're all starting where we're starting...and all we have to do is improve incrementally...

    Good luck with your theme. And how did your interview go?

    1. MORE is a great idea, unless it is followed by "housework". :)

      I think the interview went well - we talked for an hour and a half, and the manager said that I'd be a good fit for the team. She had Googled my name and read the blog (at which point I started to sweat), but she said that she liked my sense of humor.

  3. Trust ...in yourself. Good luck on the job. An hour and a half interview means you have a friend!


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