January 02, 2014

Stupid Shit I've Argued About - Episode 2

Courtesy of Creative Commons,
 Diana Parkhouse
Happy 2014! 

The Mister and I began our new year with our bickering habit in fine form. It's weird how we can turn even hypothetical situations into a reason for each of us to stand our ground and get our point across.

HGTV is sponsoring their annual Dream Home Sweepstakes...and I'm going to win this year.

As I looked at the photos and watched the tour videos, I knew that I'd be right at home there. I was so excited, I decided to show The Mister where we'll be spending our golden years.

Come February 14, I will own a lovely home in Truckee, CA (near Lake Tahoe). I'll glide from room to room, delighting in the design details and furnishings selected by renowned architects/interior decorators/designers...and The Mister hates most of it (especially the yellow chairs).

In each and every room, The Mister pooh-poohed fabric/color/floor plan. 

I soon came to the realization that I married a crazy man.

After I move in, I'll learn to love espresso, as I'll be my own barista - thanks to my new built-in coffee miracle machine. If I start drinking coffee, it will indeed be a miracle. I'll gaze out my floor-to-ceiling windows at Mother Nature's handiwork (as The Mister bitches about how I'll ever afford to pay to heat/cool the place). I'll cook gourmet meals in the commercial-grade kitchen indoors, or use the gigantic outdoor gas grill that is part of the outdoor dining area. 

I'll relax in the family room that offers views of the Sierra Nevada mountains, and sleep like a queen in the master bedroom.

The Boy is eager to claim one of the bottom bunks in the kids' room and make it his own.

We'll soon adopt a California lifestyle.

Except for The Mister. He's said that he'd never consider living there - and won't even visit.

He'll be missed.

You can view the HGTV Dream Home here, and watch a show about it tonight on HGTV. Don't bother entering the sweepstakes, as I've got it sewn up.

And if you like to read what stupid shit I've argued about, here's the first episode: Stupid Shit I've Argued About - Episode 1


  1. I have a feeling you just might win or at least receive a knock on your door from Publisher's Clearing House.

  2. I have a feeling you just might win or at least receive a knock on your door from Publisher's Clearing House.

  3. We have conflicting retirement fantasies as well. She wants to take a one-way trip to Mars but I want to take a nap. The real fantasy though is thinking we will someday be able to retire.

  4. Kim--You'll miss The Mister? Why? It sounds like heaven without his grumbling.

    Perhaps you two can keep separate residences, and you can--occasionally--fly back to the Midwest for a visit.

    I LOVE yellow chairs. I don't like coffee but if enough flavoring (chocolate) is put into it, I adore it. Is there a spare bedroom for a writer friend to visit? You could rent it out for writers in need of a retreat...


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