January 15, 2014

Stupid Shit I've Argued About - Episode 3

I had a 2nd interview for a job today. I think it went well. After I got home, I told The Mister how it went and he said, "I think you should get the job. You're easy to get along with...as long as they're not married to you."


"You know, we can always change that status."

"Oh, you want to get divorced and still live here?"

"No, I wouldn't live here if I got divorced! The Boy and I would go. But first, I'd have to take you to court to get the car. Then I'd pack up my stuff and be gone."

"You wouldn't have to go to court to get the car. Of course, you'd also get the car payment. And what stuff would you take?" (His eyes took on a possessive quality).

"My clothes, my laptop, my books."

"You have too many clothes to fit in your car. You'd have to leave them here - but take The Boy and his stuff."

"Why do you want my clothes here? Ahh, now I get it. Now I know why you want me to pick out clothes that you like - you want to wear them, don't you?"

The Mister just smiled. 

Maybe I need to look in his chest of drawers for the top I wanted to wear to today's interview...I couldn't find it anywhere.


  1. WTH? It should be WTF. Seriously. ;)

    1. I figure labeling him as a crossdresser was my payback.

  2. BWhahahaha but he got ya to thinking and possibly slightly concerned as well..

    1. We had a good laugh...but maybe he laughed too much? :)

  3. So funny! I've fantasized about having a similar conversation with my mister, but I don't have your incredible quick wit! Good luck on the job! Liz

  4. Reminds me of a conversation at my house over the past weekend. Wife was trying to convince son to make a run into town to pick up some dinner at Subway. "Why don't you go?" he whined.
    "Because I've been outside with the dogs. I'd have to change clothes and shoes, put on a bra. . . ." She whined back.
    I chimed in. "What's the big deal, putting on a bra? It only took me a couple of seconds this morning."
    Then it turned weird.
    You know what she did at this point? She stared at my chest. That's right, for a moment at least, what I had just said in jest sounded perfectly plausible to her, perfectly reasonable.

  5. I'm sitting here in suspense....it's almost a week later...Did you get the job? I hope, I hope! And of course, I LOVE your sense of humor! The Ronald and I have had a few strange conversations, too.....LOL


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