February 08, 2014

Differences Between Working at Home and Working in an Office

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I completed my first week at work on Friday. This whole returning to the human (or rat) race is a lot of work, let me tell you!

I am busy in my efforts to un-learn some of the habits/practices I maintained during my stint as an at-home worker.

I've compiled a list of the activities that are not transferable to my workplace:

  • Rolling out of bed and stumbling to the laptop before practicing daily hygiene habits
  • Working in jammies
  • Indiscriminately scratching itches
  • Attempting to top the family belch decibel level after taking a swig of Coke Zero
  • Communicating to family members with hand signals and facial gestures when I'm on the phone
  • Having entire conversations with myself (I'm talking dialogue, not monologue here)
  • Random acts of chair dancing
  • Whistling while I work 
  • Waiting until my bladder is about to burst before heading to the facilities
  • Locating The Mister and discussing work situations with him - as I laze atop the bed (or under the covers)
  • Listening to Morning Joe on my personal laptop while I work across the room on my work laptop
  • Yelling, "Hey, (insert Mister's name)!" when I want his attention
  • Breaking out in song
  • Arguing about stupid shit with The Mister
  • Performing household chores between phone meetings
  • Wrapping myself in a blanket when I feel a chill in the air
  • Clipping my nails
  • Brushing my hair
  • Performing reverse telecommuting tasks (making appointments, paying bills, etc.) from my desk
  • Writing work tasks on the soon-to-be discarded envelopes left over from bill paying
And the biggest adjustment of all - not leaving the house for a week at a time

I've returned to the world of commuting. My drive is 40 miles, one way. On interstates. During rush hour.

I'm a breadwinner, people. One might say that I've reached adulthood.

I have gone from part-time worker to full-time employment. And The Mister also got a job - he's out of town for weeks at a time.

I no longer have him to make my lunch or our dinner while I work. He's not my gofer - nor is he my minion.

I miss that...and him.

The Boy is also stepping up. I leave for work before he gets on the school bus. He has to make sure that he's ready to go when the bus driver beeps his horn.

During this week's snow days, The Boy had to fend for himself. He shoveled the sidewalk and about half of the driveway. He made Stove Top Stuffing - and declared it too soggy (too much water and butter, in his opinion). And he made his own iced tea in the tea maker - and only forgot to put the pitcher under the reservoir once.

With enough coaching, he'll make a decent minion someday.

It's a brand new world...and we're managing pretty well.

If you had to make the transition from home to work, what habit would be hard for you to give up? And if you could go from work to work-at-home, what bad habit would you happily pick up?


  1. Congrats on your breadwinner status! I don't envy you the commute, but it sounds like you have good guys at home to back you up.

    so....how many of those "not okay at work" things have you done so far? ;)

  2. Kim--There is NO WAY I could work from home. The TV would call me...The bed would lure me in...The refrigerator would beckon again and again and again.

    I'm glad the first week went...well? (It sounds like it did.)

  3. You are my newest hero! That drive back and forth would do me in, without even adding the exhaustion of getting into a new, and early routine, learning new skills, etc. You rock!

  4. Love your list, Kim! I can relate to too many of them, also! :o


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