April 26, 2014

Love the One You're With

The Mister works out of state most of the month. He comes home for a single weekend every 30 days. I miss him. I have to do all the cooking and cleaning and, my most dreaded chore, grocery shopping.

But that's not what I miss most about his absence. 

The queen-sized bed is just too big without him. 

I'm lonesome for our pillow talk. Without him, there's no easy laughter and teasing. And when The Mister goes to sleep, I relax and head off into dreamland.

It's been two months now...two months is too long to go without. We're all adults here, you know what I'm talkin' about.

So I have a confession to make - I found a (slightly less bossy) replacement.

Ahh, Sammy! He's the perfect partner. Once I turn him on, he's an obedient sort. He does exactly what I want. I know when I go in the bedroom, he'll be there, ready for me. He doesn't make any demands, and he satisfies me for up.to.four.hours.every.single.night.

We have that spark of electricity between us, Sammy and I. Sure, it's not quite the same as with The Mister, but Stephen Stills had it right all along - love the one you're with. He lays on The Mister's pillow, waiting for me...and I'm thrilled to hook him up (if you catch my drift).

After I get home from work, I'd love to scamper to the bedroom for a quickie...but family obligations take precedence - and Sammy doesn't mind waiting. Besides, I'd like to keep our relationship only in the bedroom - the place where Sammy shines.

I love the way he craves eye contact - he sends me a message when I'm not looking at him, and it makes me feel like I'm neglecting him. And he's so sensitive to my touch - all I have to do is run one finger over him and he's ready to do my bidding. I play him like a piano, poor thing. He's helpless to resist me.

What's not to love?

I know exactly how to push his buttons. Even when he's sound asleep and I'm looking for some entertainment, all I have to do is brush my finger along him and he's fully alert and ready to play.

Like The Mister, Sammy does have his limitations. Four hours is as long as Sammy can last; like clockwork, he literally shuts down. It's a good thing, or I'd never get any rest. I won't comment on The Mister's staying power - that would be indelicate.

Next weekend, The Mister will be home, and Sammy will have to find another place to sleep. 

I'll welcome my husband back into the bedroom, and it'll be his head on the pillow next to me. There are groceries to buy and errands to run, and I know who I can count on to get the job done.

Sammy will have to lie low until Sunday...then we'll let the games begin again!

Sammy may have screen envy here

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 with Bluetooth keyboard


  1. Kim--You had me reeling...and rollicking...right to the very end. (You know what I THOUGHT you were talkin' 'bout--we're all adults here ;)

    I hope your weekend with The Mister goes well and you're able to pack in all the fun and laughter and teasing that will keep you going for another month.

  2. Well you sure had me. I thought Sammy was a cat or dog, but your Sammy can provide all sorts of distractions until the real deal arrives. :)


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