May 12, 2014

My Fifteen Minutes of Fame, Part Deux

Andy Warhol said it best:

"In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes."

You could probably say I've exceeded my limit. Last year, I received more attention than is good for me when I participated in Listen to Your Mother (LTYM).

And now, this Mother's Day week, I was interviewed for the "Good Eats" column in our weekly newspaper, The Jefferson County Leader.

Sure the exposure may be less widespread in a local paper as compared to the LTYM videos appearing on Youtube, but here I am, being given a second opportunity to create the illusion that I know stuff.

Stuff about motherly advice.

And cooking.

This from the woman who ate untoasted Pop Tarts for dinner tonight.

Anyway, if you're on my list of Facebook friends (and I'm not sure why you wouldn't want to be), you've probably already had it up to here with seen this link. I yakked about it before and after publication.

Oh, and if you choose to click the link, be prepared to be frightened.

That's one big-ass picture of me on page 37. The fun continues on page 38.


  1. You've appeared on a stage. You've won literary awards. You've been featured in newspapers.

    What next, Kim? What is the next arena you're going to tackle?

    It was a great article by the way. You covered so many topics. Bravo! (And thanks so much for coming Saturday. I appreciate it.)

    1. Cage matches? Political office?

      Sioux, my husband said that you and I could be twins after I described the physical attributes you shared in your LTYM story. Forehead big enough to post all manner of advertising? Check. Feet that probably are well suited to barefoot surfing? Check. I'm waiting for bras to be sized like men's suits - then I'll go in and order a 42 long. :)

    2. Maybe we're sisters from a different mister? I LOVE it--42 long.

      You heard my story...Perhaps we ARE related. Are you SURE you are not adopted? ;)

      And maybe we can go in business together. Forehead-Billboards Are Us. We could make an easy fortune...

  2. Girl you are going places, just remember I predicted this! Congratulations.

  3. I'm a bit late (as always with blog reading) and so, congratulations. I went to the site, but maybe I'm too late as it wouldn't pull up. Can you send me a link via email the next time you post in the paper? Would love to read it.


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