August 08, 2014

Let's Talk College Accommodations

When The Boy starts class at our local community college on August 18, he'll be getting a shit ton a lot of help to be successful as a student.

Here's the list of his accommodations. The woman in charge of the Disabled Services department said they'll check in with him and see if he needs even more help. How sweet is that?

  • Preferential seating (either near the instructor or near the door)
  • Testing in the test center instead of in class, with extended test-taking time
  • Additional peer tutoring (all students can get one hour a week; he'll get as much as he needs)
  • If he prefers, he can take tests in a private testing room
  • Additional time to complete in-class written assignments (in the Learning Center)
  • If the instructor uses PowerPoint presentations, he'll receive those in advance of the lecture
  • The services of a note taker, and he can also record lectures
They also list behaviors he may display (so the instructor won't be annoyed/surprised)
  • He may lose eye contact
  • He may feel the need to walk out of the classroom (for the bathroom or if he needs to settle himself)

They've bent over backwards here, and some people may think he has an unfair advantage over other students - and maybe he does. 

His challenges are significant, but he should be able to make progress.

Now that they've made it as easy as possible for him to succeed, the rest is up to him.


  1. Hopefully, the college will be full of professionals who truly have your son's interests in mind, as opposed to people whose professionalism is questionable and people who are apparently NOT interested in your son's education.

    Is he excited? I hope it's a great first semester!

  2. It might seem like unfair advantages to the outsider, but that's just because they don't understand the depth of the challenges he faces! My son gets a lot of this at school, but now that he's entering Middle School, I'm not sure what to expect. Fingers crossed he continues to get the same stellar support he's had all along. Good luck to The Boy!

  3. Kudos to you for all of your support and for being such an great advocate for him. He won't slip through the cracks and will have a good start to a wonderful journey. I wish him the very best!


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