August 14, 2014

Riots, Suicide and Unemployment - Oh, My!

It's been a rough month week.

First, we've had the shooting of the unarmed young man in the St. Louis area and the accompanying riots and unrest that is ongoing. I/we live far enough away from the area that it isn't having an impact on my/our day-to-day existence, but it is affecting me/us, nonetheless.

And I've already written about Robin Williams' suicide and how that is having a personal impact here at home.

I neglected to mention that last month, The Mister got laid off from his job in Kansas. He's home.

And yesterday, I found out I would be joining him.

We're both unemployed...again.

I'm devastated with this latest turn of events, and am not sure that I can muster up my usual "things always work out as they should" attitude.

But on Saturday, trouper that I am, I'll put on my happy face as we host the children and grandchildren for The Mister's 60th birthday festivities.

My heart isn't in it. Right now, I'd like to crawl under the covers and wallow in anxiety, depression and self-pity.

Maybe once I start cooking and baking for the family, I'll begin to feel like celebrating The Mister's successful run of six decades on the planet.

Damn, he's old.

Then on Monday, The Boy starts his first semester at our local community college. He still has no high school diploma and no financial aid. And there's no available public/disabled transportation to get him back and forth to class (all seats are taken).

Guess it's a good thing he has two chauffeurs available for the immediate future.

Can I think of the silver Dodge Grand Caravan as our silver lining? And can anyone tell me how I can [delude/bullshit/con] - pick one myself into thinking our run of bad luck will turn out to be something even remotely positive?


  1. Well, sometimes I look at dismal conditions and think, 'Things can't get much worse. The only direction we can go is up.'

    Another way of looking at it: if everything was going swimmingly, would you have anything to write about?

    Okay, those two attempts probably fell flat on the floor. The truth: the obstacles that have been thrown at your family make things sucky. I DO hope things get better...soon.

  2. The Boy starting college is a silver lining, for sure. And six decades is nothing to sneeze at. Happy Birthday to Mister. Hope everyone is well and has fun!

  3. I'm behind on blog world, both reading and writing. But as I just told my daughter who recently (ok, it's been months now) went through something very devastating (for her) that even though she cannot see the good in it right now, to trust that something good will come of it. It may not happen for a long time, but it will, if we trust that everything that is happening is as it should be for reasons we can't know or understand at the moment it is happening. Sending love your way.


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