August 31, 2014

Staying Afloat and Water Under the Bridge

The Boy has survived his first two weeks at community college. He's not enthusiastic about his classes (just remedial stuff), but he isn't balking about going.

Still no financial aid, but we're making progress in that regard.

I couldn't get him hooked up with transportation through our local disability services agencies, so we're dropping him off and picking him up.

He's taking a swimming class and must log 1500 minutes of pool time this semester.

Since we have to make the drive to bring him home, The Mister and I joined the Alumni and Friends organization so we can use the pool too.

We're getting exercise. For $40, the two of us can swim for a year.

What a deal!

I am in heaven. The pool is the only thing I do with enthusiasm. The first day, it was lovely. I used a kickboard and started slow (but overdid it anyway). It was all good until I had to drag my fat ass up the steps leading out of the pool. They obviously added nefarious chemicals to the water, as my legs felt like they were filled with lead.

Now after five visits, I feel that an hour of swimming isn't enough. I am not tired, I am damn near giddy. I swim lengths, I jog and do other water exercises that I found while watching Youtube videos. My decrepit joints don't protest too much.

For an hour three days a week, I feel like a kid, and I may be the happiest unemployed person in the entire county.

There's been no luck on the job front, but when that interview comes, there just may be less of me to love.

Our friend Verna Simms comes to the pool with us. She's 93. She loves swimming and the freedom of movement the water provides. On land, she needs a walker or wheelchair, but in the water, she glides.

I met Verna at our writers' group. She joined the group when she was 80. In February, she attained a lifelong goal and published her first novel.

I have been encouraging everyone I know to read Verna's book - it's compelling. When I attended her first book signing, I was humbled to see that I was mentioned in the Acknowledgment section.

Now I'm encouraging YOU to get Verna's book, too. You can order a copy through Rocking Horse Publishing, or you can get your copy (paperback or ebook) via Amazon.

Here's a synopsis from Rocking Horse Publishing:

Late in the fall of 1918, two neatly dressed young men knocked on a farmhouse kitchen door. Chester Hall invited them in. These missionaries stayed two weeks with the family in rural Missouri, during which time they explained the mysteries of Joseph Smith—telling of the tablets of gold on which the Book of Mormon had been written, and of a new Church that thrived in the western states.

Within three years, the Hall family had packed up and moved to Mesa, Arizona, adding a fourth child along the way: Amelia. This is her story.  

At age six, as Amelia starts school for the very first time, she realizes something about her papa, something she can’t quite comprehend. But by the age of nine, as her family withstands both the Great Depression and their patriarch’s increasing religious fervor, Amelia begins to understand the danger faced by her and her sister.


  1. Kim--I'm glad The Boy is not balking at going to school. Remedial classes must not be fun for him, so it says something about his determination that he keeps going despite them not being terribly exciting.

    That's great that you and The Mister get to swim. I actually feel graceful and light in the water--the ONLY place that that happens. ;)

    I've started reading Verna's book and am sad that when I read each evening, I'm exhausted, which means I don't get through many pages before I'm snoozing. Please tell her I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

    And good luck with the job search. Whatever company snaps you up will be lucky.

  2. Good luck with the job search and congrats with the exercising! I've purchased Verna's book and read it - loved it!

  3. Am glad "The Boy" is doing well with his first two weeks..and that you are having a little fun yourself...good luck with the future opportunities..glenn

  4. Kim--I just finished Verna's book and could not put it down. (I even wrote a post about it today.)


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