October 25, 2014

Three Weeks Later...

I just finished my third week of work in the state capital city.

For the first two weeks, I stayed in dumps hotels. The first hotel WAS a dump. What they lacked in decor and amenities, they made up for it with bedbugs. Although it's been two weeks since I bugged out (pun intentional), I still have marks from the hungry blood-sucking critters.

I fared better at the second hotel. I'd stayed there before when I attended parent mentor conferences, so I felt pretty confident that my precious blood would not become an all-you-can-eat buffet for insects.

This week, I moved into a one-bedroom apartment. It was fully furnished, including kitchen essentials, linens and cleaning products. All I had to bring was my clothing and food. It's kinda charming and cozy - and most of all, it's clean. 

The bed is made. The kitchen sinks are shining and empty.

I think I have narrowed down who the family slob(s) might be...and I'm not in that list.

The apartment is not pest-free - I had some red elder box bugs pay me a visit.

And to prove my role as the Pied Piper of pests - the other day, there were two cockroaches on the table beside me. They didn't live to see another day.

I love my commute to work - four minutes on a bad day. 

The work is plentiful, especially since the other writer accepted a job offer in my first week of work. Now I have twice as much to do - yet the deadlines have not been extended.

I work in a large room (former mainframe computer room). Five foot tables, end-to end. No desk phone, no privacy. The main contractor on the project is from India, so the majority of my co-workers are, surprisingly, Indian. I am the sole Caucasian female in the room of about 40-50 employees (I haven't counted). I get requests for work from some of the contractors. They have high expectations while I have little project experience.

They are friendly and kind, and they don't take offense when I ask them nosy questions about the food they bring for lunch. I've sampled kadu, stuffed bitter gourd, and some vermicelli with some sort of spices while at work.

I found out that cartoons are a universal frame of reference. Talespin was mentioned several times as a favorite.

Gagan sits next to me, and I'm constantly asking him questions about his food and life in India. He and his wife and son welcomed me to their home to join them in their celebration of Dawali, the Hindu Festival of Lights. I'll post more about that later.

I'll have to ask Gagan more questions about the food and traditions first. I want to do it justice. I was honored to take part, and I loved hanging out with their son. 

I'm enjoying living alone, and relish the quiet. I managed to hook up the cable TV and internet, so I don't feel isolated. When I get home from work, I am happy just to make myself some dinner and settle in for the evening.

Another future post will be my feelings about leaving home, and how The Mister and The Boy are fending without me - and how I'm dealing with that age-old burden of Mother Guilt.

But for tonight, I am happy back at home. Tomorrow, we'll work on a Halloween costume and tackle some housework. I'll be back at the apartment on Sunday...and so it goes.


  1. Kim--It's so good to hear you're doing well. You'll have to explain more about the work you're doing...my interest is quite piqued.

    Bedbugs. Box elders. Roaches. NOW you're probably dealing with a pesky son who's clamoring for some of your attention...

    As always, I look forward to your next posting. NaNoWriMo is coming up. Are you planning on taking part, since you have your evenings free? (nudge, nudge)

  2. Thanks for the update - i am also interested in hearing more about your work.


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