February 11, 2015

In the Pink

I been writing-averse lately. Living in the capital city, I am not in contact with my writer friends (except on Facebook). I've stopped attending meetings for the two writers' groups I am a member of; there isn't enough time when I'm home on the weekend for me to attend and still be able to attend to things on the homefront.

And after doing the tech writer gig all day, the last thing I wanted to do was come back to my apartment and write.

I have cable, there are lots of junk TV shows I've missed.

But I'm missing so much more...

I hate being the absent grandma, I'm not on babysitting duty, and I don't get to have scintillating conversations with short people.

In April, we'll have a new bundle of joy to spoil. I hope I get some time to spend with the new baby.

At the gender reveal party, Seth hugged me tightly when I came in, and he told me that I had to leave last.

After we ate lunch, it was Seth's job to ask all the guests what the gender of his new sibling would be. He tallied all the votes on a chalkboard.

It was close, but the votes for a girl prevailed.

Tammy really wants to know what she's having!
When Tammy and Frank cut the gender reveal cake, there were many squeals of delight...

Just so you know, Dewey did NOT beat Truman
and Russell yelling, "Yay! It's a boy! It's a boy!"

Russell had his "Dewey beats Truman" moment.

We were in the PINK! Yay!

So with a due date of April 3, we look forward to welcoming...

Seth wanted the baby to be named Rosie Rose, and Russell wanted Poopy Pants
I think Beatrix Rose is a wonderful name, and a decent compromise for Seth and Russ.

When The Mister, The Boy, and I left the party (next to last, but Seth seemed okay with that), our first stop was Babies R Us. Baby girl clothes are such fun to shop for!

Russell and Seth have a couple of months left to get ready to have a new baby in the house...they're gonna be great big brothers to Baby Bea.

Russell and Seth cramming for the big day


  1. Kim--I think Russell--when he gets a whiff of her first poopy diaper--will feel that his mom and dad should have gone with his suggestion.

    What a lovely name. Those are two cute grandsons, and I hope that you get to really spoil Beatrix Rose, Russell and Seth when Baby Bea arrives...

    (You know the LTYM deadline is 2/16? Are you submitting this year?)

  2. Congratulations to you, both for your job and for your impending granddaughter! I admire your willingness to make some hard choices. Kudos to you!

  3. Another sweet one to cuddle. Cute big brothers. Write on Kim.

  4. Hey, for some reason, I started typing and I got the word Congratulations in and then it disappeared. I was like, wait, I'm not finished. Just wanted to say that I love the name Beatrice Rose too! And funny that one of the boys wanted Poopy Pants. Ha.


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