April 13, 2015

Fashionably Late

We've all known females like this. The princesses, adored.

We've all waited for them to show up, to be awed by perfection.

They time their arrival, eager to make an entrance - to get all the attention.

The room's decor pales in their presence - your eyes are drawn to them, you fail to notice your own surroundings.

I had that experience on Saturday. Now, as I look at the photos, I see the pattern in the pull-out sleeper, the sappy grins of love as we all.looked.at.her.

Yes, she came and wowed all of us.

A full week past her due date.

Welcome to the world, Baby Bea.

Tammy, Frank, Seth, and Russ are basking in the glow.

Seth insisted that I touch her skin, because "it is as soft as velvet". He has said that she's "so cute".

When I got Russ to put on his "Best Big Bro Ever" shirt, he didn't want to wear it. "No, Grandma, Seth is the best big brother!"

The wait was worth it. Now we all have a chance to spoil our princess Beatrix Rose.


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  1. Kim--A beautiful name to go with a beautiful baby. Congratulations on the newest grandchild. She's gorgeous.


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