August 23, 2015

Don't Get Your Panties in a Wad...I Might be on the Way Back

It's been a long time.

I've missed writing (and especially reading) posts.

I think the fog is lifting in this bout with depression. If I had to rate the shittiness of my outlook, I can comfortably report that my score has started to decline. I'd give myself 4 septic tanks (out of a possible ten (10)).

It's no bed of roses, yet - but it no longer feels like each day has me clawing my way out of a deep well just to see daylight.

I still struggle with getting up, and a shower is a major accomplishment (I'm sure my co-workers appreciate my effort, no matter how infrequent). I now average four days a week where I don't want to forget where the office is and assume the fetal position in my darkened bedroom.

My alarm clock has extremely high self-esteem, as it keeps working despite the litany of insults and curse words I throw its way each morning.

I've had two good weekends in a row, and am expecting this next weekend to be positive, too.

Hope has returned to the building.

I submitted a poem to a contest, and am working on some more for another submission. Perhaps the writing mojo will return on a semi-regular basis.

For stress relief, I started coloring. I feel kinda weird about it, since it's so trendy. I am not a follower - but I guess getting on the colorist (yes, we call ourselves colorists - like our next job is with an up-and-coming hair salon) bandwagon is a tad sight better than thinking this is just the first step toward my second childhood and a future wearing housedresses, sandals with socks, and telling young children to "get the hell off my lawn!".

There's been a simultaneous improvement in cooperation regarding domestic activities at home. Not once over the past two weekends did I want to immediately run away from the mess and return to my clean (yet lonely) apartment.

The Mister and I even had a date night. Dinner and a movie - it's been ages since the two of us have been out and about together in a non-grocery store activity. Like all of our personal and intimate interactions, the evening ended with a polite and chaste handshake at the bedroom door. :)

I promise to stop my blog reading embargo, strike, or whatever euphemism I can use to sugarcoat my slacker attitude. I'll do better - so I expect all of you to entertain me like always.

Thank you for your kind thoughts - I appreciate it far more than you know.


  1. Look up "zentangle" on the internet. It's deliberate doodling, and on the web are millions of patterns. Zentangling relieves some of MY stress, You might enjoy it as well.'

    Welcome back. Keep up the showers (for your coworkers' sake). Keep up the writing (for our sake).

  2. hey there,, I am glad to see this "smile" of a post. My daddy always said "if ya gonna eat an elephant, you can only do it one bite at a time".. so you will beat this thing...oh,and the coloring, The Boss has found that activity lol,, It works.. She preordered a new one coming out this fall and it is already on the "best seller" list, so I think you are on to a good therapy with that..good luck, glenn

  3. I have lots to say to you, but will save it for an e-mail later....BUT, I do have to say this, If YOU will be blogging again, I will be here reading! And maybe it will prompt me to blog on a more regular basis, too. I've truly missed your blog posts. You are so exceptional writer! And all around wonderful person!

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry you've had a rough time! I'm glad you're writing though and hope there will be more of us reviving our blogs. I also missed writing and really miss reading, connecting with other bloggers.


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