November 04, 2015

I'm Comin' Home, I've Done My Time (Last Week's Earworm)

The following is a rambling brain dump of the latest goings on.

I'm home!

I've vacated the capital city and returned to the family compound. Friday was my last day of work - and I started a new job on Monday in St. Louis.

I'm away from the unreasonably rapid deadlines, the mold-prone apartment (that had gunshots outside for an evening of anxiety).

Now I'm back where I need to be (though I can't fully say it's where I belong).

I'm working from home this first week in my new job, filling my head with tons of technical details about the project I'm about to take on.

I got diagnosed with a lung issue (pneumonia, most likely) - but it could not be confirmed as I refused to get a chest x-ray. My innards have been scanned enough this past year; I have no desire to have my nipples glow in the dark due to added radiation.

It's fortunate that I can be at home this week as I start my treatment regimen.

Our tenth grandchild was born on 10/23 - I look forward to getting to know her.

I have lots to learn and much work to be done. It's comforting that I'll be doing it from my home base.

I've left my clean and quiet sanctuary where I had full autonomy over the remote control and my free time (and no control over the water that frequently saturated the carpeting).

I'm back to embrace the normal/chaotic life that we lead here, with The Mister and Boy thinking they are boss of me.

We'll just have to see about that.


  1. Kim--I hope it's a change for the better, or that you make it a change for the better.

    A new grandbaby! That must be fun. (I only have one, so I have to be happy heaping all the spoiling on her.)

    If you're back home, does that mean more regular posts (Sioux said, with her lips dripping with anticipation ;)?

    1. Your lips drip with anticipation? All I can manage is drool, at the most inopportune times. :)

      I do have a post or two swirling in my head. Perhaps they'll make it to the blog.

  2. just keep in mind, (I am certain that you do),,you can do it..what ever is in front of you...keep on a'posting. thanks, glenn

  3. Oooh 10th grandchild?! I have a LOT of catching up to do. I was so happy to pop by and see you're still blogging :)


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