October 28, 2016

Back of the Book Blurb Friday

My writer friend, Sue Roslawski, is hosting Back of the Book Blurb Friday, where you write a book blurb based on a photo of her choosing. The word limit is 150 (not including the title of your book.

Here's our inspiration:

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Disasters
by H. E. Lium

Ninety years in the parade business is a long time...but Macy's reaches that milestone in 2016. Their reign as heroes of helium is not without its problems, however. In Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Disasters, H. E. Lium (a former parade float coordinator) will regale you with tales of tipsy Rockettes, a Santa with a potty mouth, and the year (2005) the Garfield balloon took off the head of an Apollo statue in Central Park. Along with sound system malfunctions,  West Coast high school bands whose instruments were lost in baggage claim, and disgruntled balloon tenders who robbed parade goers when they found out this was a volunteer gig, you'll wonder why someone at Macy's hasn't let the air out of their balloons and called it a day.

You'll watch this year's parade with new eyes after reading the sensational stories in this book.


  1. LOL this is a hoot! Well, you're right, I won;t watch the parade ever again with out being reminded of Sioux's fallen head.

  2. Ha! Loved this, and my favorite part is the author's name!! :D

  3. Kim--So many puns, so little time. (I finally posted it, so you can link it. Thanks for playing along.)

  4. Heh, heh! I felt like I was there! I could almost see Mr. Pitt holding the rope for a deflating Woody Woodpecker.

  5. Loved the author's name too! I would have loved to see this parade!!

  6. Great job! The parade will never be the same.

  7. How cool! We probably should read that before the parade. I loved watching it as a kid, but it doesn't seem like as much of a parade now. Every time I've tuned in, it seems they're at a still spot in the parade where Broadway stars perform a scene to promote their latest play...then it moves a little and another group performs... Parades move forward. I get that this is probably more entertaining--it just feels less like a parade now that they focus on celebrities and Broadway stars instead of the bands and floats.


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