February 09, 2017

Back of the Book Blurb Friday - February 10, 2017

The oh-so clever Sioux Roslawski hosts the weekly Back of the Book Blurb extravaganza, where you write a book blurb (synopsis and/or reader's reviews) for a book - based on a picture of Sioux's choice. The rules? You're limited to 150 words (not counting the title of your book).

Today's photographic inspiration:

Hitting Eighty - How Two Octogenarians Who Misplaced their False Teeth Found Adventure

Minnie Fiedler and Vivian Walters had had it with Clear Pines Nursing Home. Tired of the smells of urine, overcooked vegetables, as well as the smell and sounds of Mildred Fox's incessant farting, the two residents stole the home's minivan and headed west. Equipped with a Rand McNally atlas, a couple of bingo dabbers, and some Geritol, these two golden girls planned to pool their Social Security checks to have some fun and hit it big in Vegas.

Staying one step ahead of the law, the two escapees (and newly-identified felons) met up with a motley crew: a trucker,  two lapsed Catholic nuns, and a Chevy full of chicken pluckers - to have the time of their lives.

Minnie and Vivian and gang (clad in Goodwill castoffs) rolled the dice and came up winners in Sin City, and never looked back.

140 something words (hey, I kept editing).


  1. Kim--I am so glad I didn't read yours before I wrote mine. Otherwise, I wouldn't have bothered. Yours is soooo much better than mine. (Please link yours to Mr. Linky tomorrow, if you don't mind.)

    I love the farting and the bingo dabbers.

    1. But I liked yours - and wanted to know more about your "interest" in Viggo!

      If you go to Jeff City, don't stay in the apartment I rented - it was mold heaven.

  2. Lol, you cracked me up with this scenario.

  3. This is hilarious! I can picture all the (mis)adventures these two could get into!! Besides that, the nursing home sounds disgusting and I can't blame the two for hitting the road!

  4. You had me at the overcooked vegetable smell. The bingo dabbers are a nice touch. Not that I've ever used one, of course.

    1. I've never used one, either. In fact, I think they might be called daubers, not dabbers. :)


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