February 18, 2017

Back of the Book Blurb Friday - February 17, 2017

I'm a day late. Despite my tardiness,

Sioux Roslawski offers this photo as inspiration to for this week's book blurb:

Visit Sue's site to get all the particulars about how to play along.

But you know what? I'm a rule breaker! The minute I saw this picture, I immediately had an idea about what story to write. Once I got started, I found it hard to stop - so I may have exceeded the world limit (172 words). Oops.

Let's Swing! Midwestern Couples Know Where the Action Is
by Dickie Dunkin II

Did you know that Kansas City (MO and KS) was birthplace of Swing music in the 1930s? From Charlie Parker to Glen Miller, folks got off on the bepop-like tunes and catchy rhythms.

But there is a darker tone to Swing - something about these melodies caused monogamous Midwestern couples to "dance" with other partners to whom they were not married. House keys were dropped in a bowl upon entry to dance parties held at the popular Notel Bar and Lounge. 

When the song "In the Mood" (a popular Glen Miller classic) was played, all men picked a different set of numbered house keys, and found their "dance" partner for the night. It was a hot time in the old town on those nights.

Unfortunately, Swing was replaced by rock 'n roll. The Notel Lounge closed. But swingers knew a perfect substitute location for meeting like-minded folks.

So the next time you see a Midwestern couple hanging out by the swing set, know that they are desiring a far more intimate ride.


  1. I'll never look at swings the same way again!

  2. Kim--Me either. Swings will make me shudder, after reading your blurb.

    (And thanks so much for playing along. I appreciate it.)

  3. Oh my, you have ingrained the thought in my mind. No more swinging for Liam.

    1. All is not lost. Yesterday, I saw a sign for swing dancing...the playground may be kid-friendly again!

  4. Wow! I never thought of swing dancing as well, SWING dancing!! Great book blurb!


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