May 04, 2017

Back of the Book Blurb Friday - May 5, 2017

Once again, I am compelled to write one of Sioux Roslawski's book blurbs. Here the picture which serves as the book's cover:

Parenting: The Ultimate Customer Service Career
How You Can Manage Your Children's Expectations 
by Cuttem Sum Slack

The key to success in any career involves managing customer expectations. A diner at a five-star restaurant expects clean linen tablecloths, dimmed lighting, and fancy presentation of entrees on teeny, tiny plates. Conversely, a diner has lowered expectations for a fast food drive-thru meal. 'You get what you pay for' applies in both situations.

The same can be said for your kids when they clamor for your time, attention, and your wallet. Do they want your undivided attention, want it NOW, AND want the best stuff money can buy?

It's time to manage those expectations, parents! Mr. Slack offers tips (and a link to a download of the sign on the cover) that will allow your children to face the reality that they cannot have it all. You'll learn how to barter your valuable time to satisfy expectations, and give your kids a boost in independence in the process.

NOTE: 149 words. This blog post meets the FAST and CHEAP requirements. Two outta three ain't bad (which is the ratio Mr. Slack recommends in this book).


  1. Kim--That author's name is quite unusual. I can't figure out what nationality Mr. Slack is... never heard of the first name of "Cuttem."

    Thanks for playing along. I'll post it early tomorrow, so you're definitely the first. (And I hope your trip was fun--assuming you're back home.)

  2. Love the author's name... he he he.

  3. Oh yeah, you and Sioux have a best seller on your hands. She can hawk it to her school parents, and you can hawk it on the internet.

  4. I know many kids who need to learn this skill! Love the author's name!


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