April 30, 2018

April is NOT the Cruelest Month Around Here

We've had a busy month of April. Or maybe the busyness was nine months prior to April, in several years. As Spring is the harbinger of new birth, our family is no exception. We had a baby boom in April of years past - it's a regular girls' club around here. Out of our five granddaughters, three were born in April. Only Jordyn (February), and Anna (October), get a month all to themselves.

Beatrix turned THREE on April 10. She is sweet, considerate, with a dash of sass thrown in. I can't wait to see her learn to roll her eyes, and I am sure her teen years will be quite a hoot! But for now, she is adorable. She loves Care Bears, Moana, and Dora.

Leah turned FIVE on April 20. Leah is oh so curious, asking "Why?" after almost every statement. I imagine that in a few years, she will be in the know, because everyone explains things to her now. Leah loves to be read to, and is a big fan of PBS Kids and Youtube.

On April 21, I celebrated a six-month milestone of being cigarette-free. I think I'll consider the date to be six months since the rebirth of my lungs.

Not my actual lungs

I also celebrated my birthday on April 22. It's not polite for a woman to tell her age, so let's just agree that I'm "of a certain age", and have been qualifying for senior discounts for quite a few years.

Desiree turned TWENTY-ONE on April 24. I haven't heard if there was drinking and debauchery on her birthday (not sure I need to know this information). Desi is a sensible young woman and just graduated from esthetician training. She is studying for her state boards, and looks forward to a career at a salon or day spa. She loves all things related to fashion and makeup and has a work ethic that belies her age. 

We celebrated all of our birthdays at our April Family Dinner get-together. Desi and I have to set a date for her birthday shopping excursion (a tradition we've had for several years). With every year she ages, I have fewer complaints about the skimpiness of the clothes she picks! :)

We look forward to Spring and Seth's TENTH birthday in May, as well as me weaning myself off the bottle, and a May 12 performance at Listen To Your Mother.

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  1. I am so happy to find you blogging again. Your April WAS busy. And I am so proud of you for giving up smoking. Before long you will be in the pink. And kudos on trying to give up soda. I did for a month and lost five pounds, but have been craving soda again. It is addictive, but you can do it.


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