April 10, 2018

The Magical Gift of Adoption

This.boy. Our eleventh grandchild.


Perfect. Beautiful blue eyes.


This bringer of joy, this restorer of hope and childlike wonder. This little guy who knows only love.

He celebrated his first birthday in March. 

He is walking and climbing and is a very busy fellow.

He has a lot to say.

He is a healthy eater, loves mangoes and black beans and avocado, and all manner of good stuff.

After years of infertility, Mom (Erin) and Dad (Daryl) opened their hearts to hope and jumped through the hoops of adoption. After being active on American Adoptions for only two and a half weeks, they were chosen to be Sean's parents, and they met their two day-old son. 

Each and every day, I say a silent "Thank you" to his birth parents; they made the difficult decision to place their precious son for adoption, and chose Erin and Daryl.

Erin with the once super clean and organized home, is now living with the chaos of a toddler with toys. 

She smiles and laughs a lot now, and has embraced motherhood with aplomb. 

Daryl is an attentive and loving father, and co-parents with Erin to make sure Sean has everything he needs. 

Sean is a pleasant and mostly easy-going guy, though he has claimed the cat tree as his own climbing equipment. 

Erin told me they named Sean after her cousin Shaun. The elder Shaun is a veteran and Erin's hero. When I looked up the meaning of the name Sean, it said Gift from God.

He is indeed a gift.


  1. Kim--Chosen children are the best. They are surrendered by selfless birth parents so they can be with their real parents.

    Sean is a lucky young man, and your family is lucky to have gotten him. He is a handsome, smart young man.

  2. You and Sean have being chosen in common. I hope he always feels like he was lucky to join the family.

  3. Oh my goodness he is growing and so cute! I swear he is asking, "What's that?" as he is considering the cast iron pot. He is so precious and blessed to have such loving and devoted parents...and you for a grandma.


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